In 1993, set up as an individual company by Abdulkerim Erol in Gaziantep , Erol Dış.Tic. having completed its corporational standards, has been actively in business as a foreign trade company since 1997.

Our company really cares about customer satisfaction , corporational management and knows the importance of being a corporation in world trade ;

  • Striving for perfection

  • Effective risk management

  • Customer satisfaction no questions asked

  • Having expert human resources

Have taken big steps in order to increase its export in a competitive world market, it has also grown in popularity day by day. Erol DIŞ TİC. LTD .ŞTİ. has taken the place it deserves in Turkey’s first thousand exporter companies list which is announced every year by Turkey’s Exporter Council.

Our company;

  • 345. Place in 2009

  • 329. Place in 2010

  • 316. Place in 2011

  • 285. Place in 2012

  • 265. Place in 2013

  • 247. Place in 2014

was rewarded as the best exporter company.

Our company shows that it is an established supplier company with a wide range of products from companies such as Profil and Sheet group, ERW Pipe group, Mill group, CTP plates, Panel.

As well as that, we have to mention that Erol DIŞ TİC. continues active trading around IRAQ and the Middle East region through Iraq Erbil Office.