Square Iron
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The most common industries for years, which is one of the iron and steel sector emerging technology with renewing itself. Developing this technology rapidly increased and companies need new generation was compelled to produce iron and pipes.
At some point in almost every available model produced will be used. Years ago produced a profile to provide different functionality when you are working with the technology now craftsmen each have been produced, with an appropriate point are ready.
This is one of the products that are manufactured with square iron. In construction and in other application domains, this is used as ready as it stands is molded iron varieties do not require much trouble in terms of production and less costly products.
Square iron according to the needs of different sizes, and can be produced in different thicknesses. The products produced can range from 6-12 mt length and thickness from 25 mm to 150 mm can be produced in a number of ways.
You can use the frame profiles are produced in this area, we talk about iron only used in construction. Square iron can be used in building the basis and your colon.